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Summer holidays in America are as popular today as they have ever been and for good reason. Great food and wine, superb customer service, lots of warm sunshine especially in the south and extremely great value holiday rentals.

During the hot summer months, the coastal areas get swamped with tourists especially along the popular coastal states of Florida and California that are home to some of the top beach resorts in North America.

Region Popular beach resorts
California Lake Tahoe
California Santa Barbara
Florida Orlando
Florida Miami
Florida Clear Water
New York State Finger Lakes

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Holiday Homes in America

Staying in holiday rentals for your American summer holidays, whether a villa, country cottage or apartment, gives you the flexibility to what you want when you want. Booking ahead, especially in the popuar seaside and mountain resorts during the peak summer months can help secure holiday homes in the best locations - near the beaches and local amenities.

Beach Villa or Town House?

Choosing where to stay is a challenge as the choice is vast. From the sun drenched and very busy Florida coastline to the Great Lakes, American summer holiday accommodation, whether a villa on the beach or town house, caters for all tastes.